One of the common questions that we get asked is what makes your website hosting different from some of the major suppliers that are out there.  A lot of the major contenders can provide reliable website hosting at very attractive price, however what you have to ask yourself is are they local to your business? and more importantly do they contribute towards your local economy?

Boost Torbay CIC are proud of our website hosting and all of our webiste hosting packages come complete with a 99.9% up time guarantee.  Which simply means if we’re offline for more than 48 hours in any month, your next month fee is on us.

Reliable website hosting is important for various reasons, and not just for reliability.  If you imagine a physical shop, one minute being open, the next being closed or not being able to pay for a product via your chosen method due to an electrical fault.

Would you shop at a business where the power keeps failing?  Of course not, you will take your business elsewhere and that is exactly what happens online.  If your website goes down for any length of time it tells people that you have chosen a cheap and unreliable web hosting provider.

The longer your website is offline, the more likely your visitors will go elsewhere whether it be for  new product online, or an interesting blog article, your website should be able to deliver time and time again content at a efficient speed and be capable of handling a surge in traffic at anytime.

Here at Boost Torbay CIC we understand the importance of reliable web hosting, and we know how much it costs getting business to your website, which is why our website hosting is based right here in the UK, send us an e-mail and talk to us about your website hosting needs.




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