the-adventure-door-step-arts-theatreThe tourist season is about to start and the weather in Torbay has certainly improved since those cold and horrible winter days.  What’s more down here in Torbay we are blessed with having a wide and diverse theatre community and as part of this community, Torbay is about to embark on two weeks of original theatre.

So what’s on?  Well we’ve got the full line up, but to give you an idea:

Date Event Location Tickets
26th March Heaviside Torquay Museum £5
27th March Heaviside Paignton Library £5
30th March Split Milk The Acorn Centre, Torquay £2
31st March The Meal The Acorn Centre, Torquay £10 Dinner Theatre
£8 General Admission
1st April According to Arthur Churston Library Donation
1st April According to Arthur Paignton Library Donation
2nd April Doorstep Dance Parkfiled Youth Centre £3
7th April According to Arthur Torquay Library Donation
8th April According to Arthur Brixham Library Donation
8th April Felled The Edge Brixham £5
9th April The Adventure Cockington Primary School £5 for kids
£2 accompanying parents
10th April According to Arthur The Acorn Centre Donation
11th April Gloriator & Festival Banquet Arlington Suite, Toorak Hotel, Torquay £15 Dinner Theatre
£10 General Admission
12th April Lorraine & Alan The Edge, Brixham £5

All of the theatre productions are brought to by the team at the Doorstep Theatre Celebrating outstanding theatre right on your door step.  So if your looking for something to do in April, why not pop along to your nearest community theatre production and enjoy the spectacular show that these guys put on for you.

Want further information?  Pop over to their website at or if you would like a copy of their program, we’ve got a copy and you can download it right here.


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