Believe it or not this time last week a lot of Torbay was bracing itself for what was described as the Beast from the East and Storm Emma making land fall.  However, initially, it was thought that the two weather systems would not meet or indeed cross paths.

However, what followed on both Thursday and Friday was a snow storm like nothing we’ve seen in a good few years.  The town centre was completely closed down due to the snow, and schools sent children and staff home before it got really bad.

Torquay town centre looked completely abandoned with coffee cups still left where they sat, cars abandoned, I’d even go as far as saying it was if an apocalyptic event had taken place and everyone just ran to the nearest warmest and safest place they could find.

If you’re missing the snow, we’ve popped together this rather short gallery, oh and you will notice I’m wearing my partners trainers as mine didn’t exactly grip the road very well.




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