torbay-community-development-trust-logoThis month will see the Torbay Community Development Trust unleash their latest innovative service called the Torbay Time Bank on January the 23rd from 12pm – 18:30.  The Torbay Timebank launch event will be at the Torbay Community Development Trust offices on Temperance Street in Torquay.

With free refreshments and a special timebanking presentation you will be fully loaded and armed with all the knowledge surrounding this latest service from your local community development trust.  In return for time that you offer in helping others you will be able claim that time back for services and skills that you need.

J28LESI_Consider this almost like a skill swap, let’s say your a web developer and you need an accountant.  Why not help out a small independent accountant with their website and in return they could file your self assessment or provide you with an hours worth of work in return.  This is not a case of something for nothing it is a case of if you haven’t got the skill why not do what you are good at and be rewarded.

What’s not to like?

Timebanking is very flexible and there are no limits on how often you use the scheme or how much you can offer to others, it really does suit all.  Furthermore, it allows those already active in their neighbourhood to record all the work they’re currently doing – equally important (especially those looking for funding bids).

For more information about time banking checkout the official Time Banking website.

Or contact Sarah.

The Torbay Community Development Trust look forward to welcoming you all… we will also be there listening to this fantastic presentation and scheme.


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