Missed Appointments cost Torbay & South Devon NHS Trust over £1 million this year

Torbay Hospital secures £13m funding

Torbay & South Devon NHS trust has lost over £1, million this year due to thousands of patients nut turning up to appointments, figures show.

Data, released from NHS England shows that between January 2018 and June 2018, 9150 people either did not show up for an appointment, either through arriving to late to be seen or just didn’t show up.

With the NHS in ever deeper trouble due to budget cuts and increased demand, the British Medical Association said that it was crucial that appointments made are not wasted while the health service is “under incredible stress”.

Missed appointments cost

It is thought that the average cost of a missed outpatient appointment costs the NHS £120.00, according to the latest data sources.

In Torbay hospital’s can that means 9,150 missed sessions cost Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust around £1.98 million.

The sessions include failure to attend, failure to attend first consultation at Outpatients and failure to attend second outpatients appointment.

Chairman of the British Medical Association, Dr Robert Harwood said:

“It is important no appointments are wasted at a time when the NHS is under incredible stress.”

“We should not stigmatise patients who may for legitimate reasons be unable to attend.

“However, we do need the NHS to emphasise through clear publicity to the public that given the current unprecedented pressure, patients should make every possible effort to rearrange their appointment so that another person is able to receive treatment in their place.”

Last year Torbay Hospital and South Devon NHS trust started a text reminder service for patients due to attend Torbay Hospital and the community hospitals in the area.

Across health providers throughout England almost 2.9 million appointments were missed between January 2018 and June at a total cost of £350 million to the NHS.

Patients who used the London North West University Healthy care trust were the worst at attending appointments, while in Cambridge people were the most reliable.

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