Marmite, believe it or not, has its very own appreciation day, which is today (28th September 2018), which we are almost certain will divide opinion.

Its true, that when it comes to eating Marmite it is quite an acquired taste and you have those that love it and those that hate it.

We’re huge fans of the salty snack.

Back in 1997, the company introduced a memories advert called ‘Love it or Hate it’.  The advert clearly documented the divided opinion of the nation.

No matter what you think about Marmite it has been a household favourite, or not, since 1902 and its release in may different varieties is proof plenty of people out there are still enjoying a jar of the brown stuff.

Checkout some of these weird and wonderful editions that haves spread across stores throughout the years.

2007 – Guinness Marmite – it really did feature 30% Guinness yeast.

2008 – Champagne Marmite – a jar with 0.3% champagne, could the spare it?

2010 – Marmite XO – XO for just ‘extra odd’ – a jar that was matured for 28 days

2012 – Gold Marmite – a jar with spelled edible gold mixed in

2015 – Summer of Love Marmite – a jar with a lighter taste, achieved by using 100% lager yeast

So there you have it, 28th September each year is Marmite appreciation day.

If you’re a peanut butter fan, you get to celebrate your national day on the 24th January 2019.


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