Gingerbread Gin is available from Asda for just £12.00

Gin has been one of the most popular drinks consumed in the UK this year.

Over £51 million pounds of sales of gin, with no sign of demand for the popular drink slowing down.

ASDA have blown us away with a new Gingerbread flavoured gin, with added sparkles just in time for Christmas.

Gingerbread Gin with Sparkles

So if you’re not looking forward to, or even thinking about Christmas.

This bottle of gin might sway you to feel a bit more festive.

Not only does the drink taste gorgeous with Ginger and cinnamon notes, it also shines.

Seriously shake the bottle as hard as you can to really impress your guests.

According to ASDA, the flavour is best brought out when served neat and over ice or with a simple sprite of tonic or added to a glass of viz.

Perfect for the tight wallet

With Christmas costing more each year, you may think this little bottle of luxury is going to cost a small fortune.

Well with ASDA you can get your hands on these bad boys for as little as £12.00.

With such an affordable price tag we’re sure you will be able to push the boat out and get your hands on a bottle or 3.

Now don’t go overboard, we don’t want to be held accountable for encouraging irresponsible drinking.

If you don’t fancy a trip to your nearest ASDA store, get yourselves online and order one.


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