With the heatwave, World Cup fever and the Summer Holiday’s a lot of us will be enjoying that ‘al fresco’ style dining in the garden or at the beach.

However, a Barbecue, can quickly become a fire hazard if not watched and disposed of in the correct way.

Torbay Council and TOR2 are reminding residents to dispose of their barbecues safely.

If you are planning on having your very own barbecue whether you’re at home or on the beach we’ve got 8 safety tips.

8 Safety Tips to an enjoyable barbecue

  1. Do not empty ashes into dustbins or wheelie bins, if they hot they can melt through the plastic and cause a fire
  2. Do not put your disposable barbecue in a bin, allow several hours for the barbecue to cool down completely
  3. Considering using a charcoal barbecue rather than a disposable one
  4. At the beach?  Extinguish your barbecue by using either sand or water.  Never put a hot barbecue into a little bin, this will cause a fire
  5. Never bury your barbecue in the sand or leave it on the beach
  6. If you are considering having a fire on the beach, first ensure that fires are permitted on the beach.  Ensure the wood has cooled and clean up any charcoal
  7. If you are heading to hills with your barbecue or somewhere remote.  Ensure you have taken plenty of water with you to extinguish the barbecue
  8. Take all of your litter home or in the nearest bin.

Deputy Mayor and Executive Lead for Planning, Cllr Derek Mills said:

We would like to stress how important it is to make sure your disposable barbecue is completely cool before putting it in the bin. Likewise, if you have a charcoal barbecue, never put hot ashes in a bin.



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