Trick of Treat, Halloween in Devon is often a real treat for locals and those lucky to be on holiday.

However, for some Halloween can be quite a scary time, especially for those who live alone and may not celebrate the occasion.

If you do have an elderly relative or someone that lives alone it is important that they don’t feel pressured into answering the door when trick or treaters do knock.

If you are out and about this Halloween period trick or treating with the children, please remember that not everyone will be celebrating the ocassion, please be mindful and respectful.

6 tips for safe trick or treating this Halloween

  1. Always, be accompanied by an adult when you go trick or treating
  2. Only go to houses of people that you know are happy for you to call
  3. Stay safe, keep to well lit paths and places you know.  Do not take short cuts through gardens, alleyways or parks.
  4. Watch out for traffic, drives may not see you
  5. If you are wearing a mask make sure you can clearly see where you are going and are full aware of your surroundings
  6. Carry a torch and a fully charged mobile, if you have one.

Devon & Cornwall Police have created a poster for those who are not participating in Halloween, please ensure you pop it in your window where it can be seen.




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