A new app has been launched by Western Power Distribution, the electricity network operator responsible for powering the South West, Midlands and Wales, which could see you cut the amount of carbon you use.

The app, which has been developed in partnership with the Carbon Trust uses realtime data to caculate what makes up the locally generated energy that powered the electric items in our homes.

Different types of Energy

When we think of energy we often think of a power station or a wind farm generating our electricity.

However with this app you’re able to see the different types of energy that is being used in the area.

This includes solar, wind and biomass at low periods of energy consumption and at peak times coal.

The app allows you to view data for your local area, we’ve already done it for our local neighbourhood.

You can choose to pop in your postcode, alternatively you can add your location via GPS.

As well as real time data, which is definitely essentially viewing during the morning, you are able to look back at historical for the day and the 7 day forecast.

The app is available right now to download from Apple App Store and Google Play.

Give it a whirl.


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