BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) have recently had their annual conference.

Paignton Zoo are once again celebrating, this time it’s not due to helping an endangered species or protecting the many animals at risk in the wild.

No this time Paignton Zoo Park volunteer, Cathy Oetegenn has won a national award for her photography.

The announcement was made at the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) Annual Conference.

The conference is ran with co-host Sheldon Wildlife Trust, and Living Coasts in Torquay


BIAZA is a conservation, education and scientific wildlife charity and the professional body representing top zoos and aquariums in the UK.

Cathy’s photo shows Paignton Zoo’s senior Western lowland gorilla, Pertinax, in a reflective mood and appearing to pull on a bell rope.

The image quickly got the title, For whom the bell tolls.

Such a title was worthy of first place in the Life category in the BIAZA collection.

Sponsored by Wildlife Vets International

The BIAZA conference is Sponsored by the Wild Life Vets International.

The competition is open to staff, members or volunteers of BIAZA registered zoos.

Judging is carried out by a representative from BIAZA.

The judging is then carried out further by two external judges who asses content, composition and image quality.

For whom the bell tolls - BIAZA Photo Award Winner

Winning Photography

Other winning photography included a colourful image of one of the most UK’s impressive beetles.

The beetle was caught doing what a appears to be a rendition to the Village People’s infamous YMCA.

A chilled out chimp also featured as did an adorable joey being weighed.

A heart warming display of family affection with a baby crowned lemur wrapped inside a mothers embrace.

2018 Results

The results were announced at a special evening hosted by Living Coasts, Torquay to mark the start of the annual BIAZA conference.

Dozens of entries were submitted.

The shots covered Life in BIAZA, work behind the scenes and wildlife in the wild.

All of these categories highlight the vital conservation work that is being out by the zoo and aquarium community across the UK.

Category 1 – Life in a BIAZA Collection

Runner Up Matthew Lissimore Eye of the tiger
(Sumatran tiger)
West Midlands Safari Park
Runner Up Sian Addison Puppy Love
(European grey wolf)
RZSS Edinburgh Zoo
WINNER Cathy Oetegenn For whom the bell tolls
(Western lowland gorilla)
WWCT Paignton Zoo

Category 2 – Behind the Scenes

Runner Up Sam Ashifield Taking a look inside (Aldabran tortoise) Twycross Zop
WINNER Sian Addison Weighing In (Queensland Koala) RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

Category 3 – Wildlife in the Wild

Runner Up Sian Addison Ozzie
(Eastern Chimpanzee)
RZSS Edinburgh Zoo
Runner Up Dave Warren F is for Frounce
Blair Drummond Safari Park

Category 4 – Capturing Hearts and Minds

Runner Up Danni Thompson Eastern White Pelican
(Eastern White Pelican)
RZSS Edinburgh Zoo
Runner Up Jennifer Scully Crowded cuddle
(Crowned Lemur)
Bristol Zoo Gardens
WINNER Beau-Jensen McCubbin Stag Party
(Stag Beetle)
Harnwell Zoo

From the Director

Dr Kristen Pullen, CEO of BIAZA said:

BIAZA’s annual photo awards highlight not only the incredible animals visitors can view when they come to a BIAZA zoo or aquarium, but behind the scenes and field conservation work being carried out by our members.

We were delighted with the quality and standard of the entries we received! I would like to congratulate our winners and thank everyone who entered the 2018 competition.


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