Pimm’s Ice Lolly, the perfect way to experience the summer in 2018.

In case you hadn’t noticed the sun has been shining well and truly this bank holiday weekend.

A welcome addition we’re sure a lot of you will agree.

Freshly Made Pimms Ice Lolly
Image Credit BBC Goodfood.

Of course no summer afternoon would be complete without a spot of tennis and cooling off with a Pimm’s and lemonade.

Fancy a ice lolly?  Read on to discover the perfect recipe for a Pimms Ice Lolly.

Pimm’s Ice Lolly

For your Pimm’s Ice Lolly you will need:

  • 125ml of Pimm’s
  • 100g of caster sugar
  • Satalks and Halfs of mint sprigs
  • 5cm of cucumber thinly sliced remember we’re making a lolly not a salad
  • 4 strawberries chopped
  • 40ml lemonade
  • A few reserved mint leaves

You can get all of this from your local super market and will cost around: £17-£20

Step 1: Turn up the heat

Grab yourself a medium pan heat the 125ml of freshly poured Pimms, caster sugar, stalks and half the leaves of 2 mint sprigs, 5cm piece cucumber and 4 large strawberries.

Stir this until the sugar has fully dissolved.

Step 2 Strain

Strain the contents of pan into a jug, chucking out the mint, cucumber and strawberries.

Step 3: Pour in the lemonade

Add in 450ml Clear lemonade divided between 10 ice lolly moulds.

Ensure the mixture doesn’t fill the moulds completely.

Step 4: Add some leaves

Press a few mint leaves, quartered strawberries and thin cucumber slices into each mould.

Cover with the mould lid and add in the ice lolly sticks.

Leave in the freezer until frozen solid, this can take between 3-4 hours depending on your freezer

Step 5: Serve

Remove from the freezer 10-15 minutes before lifting out the lollies.


Post recipe tip: 

For a more authentic experience you could also try eating your lolly whilst watching tennis.


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