About Boost Torbay

One of the most popular and well visited websites across Torbay.

We have helped numerous businesses reach a wider audience, increase their sales and help event organisers get the word out about their event throughout the Torbay area.

Our Mission: To provide a platform for businesses to promote their products/services and to encourage greater attendance at local events across the Torbay area.

With our website we will bring a platform to promote your business, events and provide you with a plethora of articles from interviews, through to what’s on guides, recommendations and news from around the bay.

We run events, usually once a quarter to bring  people together to share tips, network and generally increase collaborative efforts across Torbay.

Our Story

Back in 2012, our founder, Robert Haylor, noticed that the social networking website Twitter was a wash with accounts promoting their local area.

At the time Robert was putting together a new localised loyalty card scheme for the area.  Unfortunately due to the complexity of the scheme, Robert abandoned the concept, however, what came from it was the brand BoostTorbay.

With some social media experience Robert registered the @BoostTorbay twitter account and began to share businesses from around the bay that included #BoostTorbay in their tweets.

Fast forward 8 years, BoostTorbay is still being used to this day to promote events and businesses. It is updated and managed on a daily basis.

With over 13,000 followers from around Torbay and South Devon, BoostTorbay is still focused on helping businesses and events reach a wider audience to help them grow.

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Our amazing Find it Friday on Facebook offers businesses the opportunity connect with other businesses, shout out about their services and promote themselves to a wider audience.

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