Torbay votes Matilda as favourite Roald Dahl story


Yesterday, September the 13th 2017, the world came together to celebrate national Roald Dahl day.

We’re confident that at some point in your childhood you would of either been read the story or have read one yourself.  You may have even seen one of his books come a motion picture.

A lot of us will know that some of his best works have become movies:

  • BFG
  • The Gremlins
  • Matilda
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

To name but a few of them.

Unsure on how to celebrate National Roald Dahl day, other than reading one of his stories.  We decided to run a very small poll to find out what was your favourite book. With plenty of people voting to choose theirs we finally have the results in.

With 38% of the vote, Matilda has been voted one the most favourite Roald Dahl story.

If you’re yet to read this story or watch the movie why not order yourself a copy of either the DVD or book from your local book store.


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