Some of Torquay’s Best Views

Following on from my post about the best places to eat when the sun’s out in Torquay, here’s some advice for people who appreciate a nice view. Although I’ve lived in a number of different towns and cities across the country, Torquay is easily the most aesthetically pleasing place I’ve been. Here are some great views across the bay…

Thatcher Avenue


If you go to Meadfoot Beach, you can see Thatcher’s Rock in the distance. If you drive just a few minutes in the opposite direction, you get to Thatcher’s Avenue Green. The best time to come here is in the evening when the sun’s going down, as you might run into a family of foxes who live there.

The Harbour

Torquay Harbour

Day or night, the Harbour is one of the nicest looking places to visit in Torquay. During the day, the sun shines off the sea making it a bright and vibrant place to have a bite to eat, and at night, the fancy lights come on. In the evening, it’s still usually warm enough for you to sit outside somewhere and admire your surroundings.

Babbacombe Downs


When the sky is clear enough, you can stand on the little pier on the Downs and see all the way across to Portland in Dorset. Even when it’s not so clear, you can see all the way across the Jurassic Coast.

AppelbysAppelbysIf you’re a local, the chances are you’ve been to Appelby’s on a sunny day before. If you have, you’ll appreciate the view you get from the beer garden. During the day you can see all the way across the Torbay coast to Brixham.

The Balloon


If you like a good view, then it’s probably a good idea to go to the sea front and have a go on the balloon. It takes you 400 feet in the air, so if you don’t have a fear of heights, it’s definitely worth the money.

Special thanks to The Builders, who helped with this post.

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